Joe Cornish’s “Snow Crash” Filming In 2017?

Hard to believe but it has been five years since British filmmaker Joe Cornish exploded onto the scene with the very well-received alien invasion tale “Attack The Block” which also launched the career of John Boyega.

With the exception of some work on the script for Spielberg’s “The Adventures of Tintin” and the early drafts of Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” Cornish hasn’t had any credits since. Now though, it looks like he’s finally returning with a new project that looks to be going in front of the cameras next year.

The film is an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s beloved 1992 sci-fi novel classic “Snow Crash” which deals with things such as virtual realities, the dark web, and global conspiracy in a future where most power has been ceded to private organizations and entrepreneurs. Producer Frank Marshall told Collider this week that it’s almost ready to be made:

“Joe Cornish is developing it with us and I hope we get started on that next year, I’m excited about that one. It’s a complicated story. It takes place in the near future and it has a lot of virtual reality in it, it’s a character that goes back-and-forth between what’s called the ‘metaverse’ in Los Angeles, but the sequences are fantastic and it really gives Joe the opportunity to show that great imagination that he has and create some fantastic scenes.”

No word on a potential release date at this time either.