Joe Cole To Pen Marvel’s “Black Panther”

Joe Robert Cole is nearing a deal to pen the “Black Panther” film at Marvel Studios reports The Wrap.

Despite a flurry of internet reports in recent months, including one this week that F. Gary Gray was in contention before he began talks for “Furious 8,” there are reportedly no directors being considered at this stage.

The trade says after the project was turned down by “Selma” helmer Ava DuVernay, and after the subsequent media mess that ensued, Marvel has decided to wait for the script to be finished first and so the job of helming the film is now considered to be wide-open.

Cole has been part of Marvel’s in-house writer’s program for some time, and previously wrote and directed the 2011 indie thriller “Amber Lake”. Disney is currently slated to release “Black Panther” on July 6th 2018.