“Jessica Jones” S2 Begins Filming

With “The Defenders” having wrapped and “The Punisher” nearing its end of shoot, it seems about time Marvel and Netflix got on with getting their TV entries for 2018 into production. Turns out they already have.

Many have been wondering which would move forward first – “Daredevil: Season Three,” “Jessica Jones: Season Two” or “Luke Cage: Season Two”. Turns out its the middle one.

On Location Vacations (via SR) have confirmed that production has begun today, April 3rd, on the second season of “Jessica Jones” – star Krysten Ritter essentially coming right out of “Defenders” to star in the new batch of ‘Jones’ episodes.

Crews are reportedly setting up around Broadway and West 101st Street, the location used for the outside view of Alias Investigations and Jessica’s apartment. As such no photos from the shoot are out yet for the season which will reportedly feature all female directors.

With the timing it would seem that this is likely being readied for an early 2018 slot. “The Defenders” is slated for late Summer and “The Punisher” is rumored for a near end of year bow. Set pics of a bruised Jon Bernthal filming “The Punisher” are now out at Getty images.