Jessica Jones, “High Castle” Ratings Outed?

One thing that has always made the various streaming services – from iTunes to Netflix to Hulu – different from both regular and cable networks is the lack of ratings data. The various companies all have them, but they don’t go public with the information except in the rarest of circumstances.

At NBC’s Television Critics Association winter press tour yesterday, that trend was bucked by NBC Universal’s Alan Wurtzel who outed estimates of the viewership of several Netflix series over the last third of last year.

Data gathered from a sample of 15,000 users by San Francisco tech firm Symphony indicates that “Jessica Jones” was a big player with an average 4.8 million viewers in the adults 18-49 group watching an episode of the Marvel drama. Not far behind were “Master of None” with 3.9 million and “Narcos” with 3.2 million though with data for the first few days of the release of the latter not included in the study.

He also cited 2.1 million adults 18-49 tuning in for Amazon’s “Man in the High Castle”. He says he’s confident in the system despite its being based off of such a small sample size.

Source: The Live Feed