Jesse Eisenberg Directing “Gives Me Hiccups”

“Social Network” and “Now You See Me” star Jesse Eisenberg is set to pen and make his directorial debut on the bittersweet comedy TV series “Bream Gives Me Hiccups” for Jax Media.

Based on his collection of stories of the same name, the story follows a quietly observant child, Oscar (newcomer Elliott Smith), as he copes with the dramatics of his recently divorced mother (Parker Posey). He spends his lunches in the janitor’s (Victor Rasuk) closet at school writing thoughtful reviews of each restaurant his mom dragged him to the night before.

He treats the reviews as a diary, documenting his complex relationship with his mother as they both ‘grow up’ in the wake of a divorce. Eisenberg, Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, John Hodges and Ravi Nandan will executive produce and filming begins in New York City this May.

Source: The Live Feed