Jerry Lewis Comedy Remakes Galore

Comedian Jerry Lewis has signed a deal with Artificial Intelligence Entertainment and Social Capital Films to remake three of his most successful comedies from his heyday in the 60’s reports Variety.

The companies have acquired remake rights from Lewis to the titles in Lewis’ Paramount library which were given back to him in the 1970’s. They plan to develop contemporary remakes of “The Bellboy,” “Cinderfella” and “The Family Jewels” with each to be considered as a potential franchise for a major comedy star.

Christopher Tuffin, John Baca and George Paige will produce while Lewis will serve as co-executive producer on the films. Tuffin says “What we’re aiming to do is combine the spirit of the originals with a modern sensibility.”

“The Bellboy” is a slapstick piece following a dysfunctional bellboy who runs amok in a five-star hotel. “Cinderfella” is a comedy version of the Cinderella story with several of the roles reversed.

‘”Family Jewels” followed a dim-witted limo driver (Lewis) charged with helping a young orphaned heiress figure out which of her six eccentric uncles (all played by Lewis) should be her new father.

Should they go as well as hoped, expect remakes of “The Errand Boy,” “The Patsy” and “Who’s Minding the Store” soon after. Lewis starred in the original “The Nutty Professor” which Universal had big success remaking with Eddie Murphy.