Jennifer Lawrence Up For Stone’s “Savages”

“Winter’s Bone” and “X-Men: First Class” star Jennifer Lawrence is in talks to join the cast of Oliver Stone’s “Savages” reports Deadline.

Based on the bestselling novel by Don Winslow, the story follows a love triangle between two best friend pot growers and ‘O’ (Lawrence), the wild child girlfriend they share.

Despite said sharing, the friendship between brainy botanist Ben and Chon, a hardcore ex-Navy SEAL who returned from Afghanistan with top-quality pot, is unaffected. Together they live a quiet lucrative existence in Laguna Beach, growing and distributing said product.

Stone has been meeting with top actors to play Ben and Chon including the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Johnson, Tom Hardy, James Franco and Garrett Hedlund. He’s also after Benicio Del Toro to play a Mexican drug cartel enforcer sent to muscle Ben and Chon out of business and who kidnaps ‘O’.

Winslow & Shane Salerno penned the script. Stone and Moritz Borman are producing and shooting will begin in June.