Jennifer Connelly Joins “Granite Mountain” Film

Jennifer Connelly is set to join Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges and Taylor Kitsch in the firefighting drama “Granite Mountain” at Black Label Media, Di Bonaventura Pictures and Lionsgate.

The true story tale deals with the Granite Mountain Hotshots who fought the deadliest wildfire ever in Arizona’s history and were trapped on a mountainside. Only one man of the twenty-member team, Brendan McDonough, survived the experience.

Connelly is set to play the role of Amanda Marsh, the wife and ‘horse-whispering farrier’ of the supervisor of the ‘tier one’ team of Hotshots.

Ken Nolan and Eric Warren Singer penned the script while Joe Kosinski will direct. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Mike Menchel, Erik Howsam and Jeremy Steckler and Dawn Ostroff will produce.

Source: Deadline