Jenkins Talks Frustrating DC Movie Rumor Mill

A few months back came reports that Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” film was a mess, a report that seemed highly dubious at the time and – for the most part – was reported that way.

Reviews for the film aren’t out yet but early reaction from those who will be have raved about the movie, and aside from this one report there hadn’t been any other reports of difficulty during the film’s production.

Cut to this week and Jenkins has spoken with Collider about the frustration of the online rumor mill, especially when it comes to these big superhero films:

“That was actually the most frustrating thing when somebody made up the rumor that it was a mess and I was like ‘Really? A mess? It’s the opposite, it is so steady, it’s been so even keel and steady.’ It’s been such an opposite experience.

The rumor mill of these movies has been quite something to behold. I tried to learn to tune it out but the one thing I want to say to readers because it truly was stunning to me to watch is you truly can’t believe how absolutely false certain things are until you’re on the inside of one these things. You’re like there’s not even kind of where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There is absolutely lies.

You want to [respond] and then you have to restrain yourself because you’ll go crazy if you start doing that all the time. Definitely I was angry about the rumor that it was a mess because it was clearly a lie, it was clearly based on someone who had zero experience because there wasn’t anybody that you would be able to find that said that.

It’s been totally smooth. You know, everybody else was busy on doing other movies and we were chugging along, without any drama‚Ķ You have to make the movie and get to the other side of it. I’ve been fucking dying to show the movie as a result”

Jenkins opted to put her head down and focus on the work and aims to prove any doubters wrong when the film opens June 2nd. Also, check out a cute bit that Conan O’Brien did this week for the film below: