Jeffrey Dahmer Comic Gets Adapted

Ibid Filmworks has picked up the film rights to John “Derf” Backderf’s disturbing graphic novel “My Friend Dahmer” says Heat Vision.

Set in 1970s suburbia, the story follows infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer from age 12, when he was a shy, bespectacled kid, right up to the day he kills his first victim two weeks after high school graduation.

The graphic novel was told through the perspective of his then-friend Backderf who is now a political cartoonist who has been twice nominated for an Eisner Award and won the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for his political cartoons.

The project isn’t being pegged as a horror or thriller, rather a “coming-of-age tale of teenagers teetering on the abyss”. Adam Goldworm, Marc Meyers and Jody Girgenti will produce.

Jeremy Renner played the killer in 2002’s indie “Dahmer”.