Jeff Tremaine Talks “Jackass 3D”

With filming essentially over, “Jackass 3D” director Jeff Tremaine spoke with Collider at Comic Con this year and revealed various facts about the upcoming sequel.

80% of the film was shot in 3D using the RED camera, while the remaining segments will remain in 2D and others will undergo 3D conversion. Filming on the project kicked off in February, though there’s just a few more days of shooting to do in the near future.

In total they’ve shot about double the amount of segments we’ll see on screen in the final 90-minute film, in fact there’s at least an hour of additional material that will probably be incorporated into a 3.5 release.

There are star cameos apparently, but they’re not going to reveal who they are until the movie screens. One thing we will literally see is “shit flying across the screen.”