Jeff Goldblum To Pay “Price of Admission”

Oscar nominee Jeff Goldblum is set to join Michael Sheen and Michelle Monaghan in writer/director Peter Glanz’s next feature “The Price of Admission” at Armian Pictures.

Part dramedy and part existential thriller, Sheen plays a man named Harold Sugar whose life is unravelling. He’s a middling playwright in a mid-life crisis and failing marriage to his wife (Monaghan) who is tired of being second-fiddle to his work and wants a family.

However incapable of functioning in reality, Harold submerges himself in an elaborate play about his life. The only person who understands his plight is his best friend, Alexander Taft (Goldblum), a behavioural psychologist with a mid-life crisis of his own.

Peter Glanz (“The Longest Week”) is directing the film from his own screenplay, and will produce with Neda Armian and Alex Foster.

Source: Deadline