Jeff Bridges Is A “Giver”, Not A Receiver

Their first attempt failed, now Jeff Bridges and producer Nikki Silver are having another go at a film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s 1994 young adult novel “The Giver” reports Variety.

The story follows a 12-year-old who lives in a futuristic utopian society where all memory of human history has been erased. His life is thrown into turmoil when he is designated to inherit the role of the Giver and bear his community’s vast range of human emotions, which causes him to realize that living a pain-free life comes at a high cost.

Fox and Walden Media were interested in the project back in 2006 but that incarnation fell through, then Warner Bros. Pictures setup the project with producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher in 2007. When the rights became available again, Bridges and Silver reacquired them and will now produce through On Screen Entertainment.

Vadim Perelman (“The House of Sand and Fog”) is still attached to pen the script while John Heyman will produce.