Jean Reno Hops Onto “I, Alex Cross”

French acting legend Jean Reno has joined the cast of the thriller adaptation “I, Alex Cross” for Summit Entertainment reports Variety.

Tyler Perry plays forensic psychologist Dr. Alex Cross who manages to save a victim from a brutal death at the hands of an assassin named Michael Sullivan (Matthew Fox), aka. the Butcher of Sligo. The Butcher kills Cross’ wife and then it becomes a battle of wits between the two.

Ed Burns also stars as Cross’ partner Tommy Kane. Details of Reno’s role haven’t been revealed, though the script is said to take some major liberties with the source material – James Patterson’s 2006 novel “Cross”.

Rob Cohen (“xXx,” “The Fast And The Furious”) directs from a script by Kerry Williamson and Mark Moss. Shooting kicks off in August for a late 2012/early 2013 release.