Jason Voorhees Gets Attacked

In December it was ‘Benjamin Button’, in January it was “Notorious”, this month though it’s the chart-topping remake of “Friday the 13th” that’s lead to one strange act of real-life violence.

According to The Express, a party to celebrate the launch of the film last Friday became like a scene out of it when actor Warrington Gillette, who played Jason Vorhees in 1981’s “Friday the 13th Part 2”, was attacked with an axe.

The actor arrived in full costume, wearing the character’s famous ice hockey mask, and took to the stage to frighten partygoers wielding a real axe.

However a woman took the performance seriously, invading the stage and trying to wrestle the weapon away from him, In the process he slashed his hand.

A source says “She jumped on stage and tried to grab his axe. It was straight out of a horror movie. Lingerie-clad models were running and screaming, as a blood-soaked Jason ran off the runway to get to a hospital.”