Jason Bourne To End Damon’s Storyline?

Those hoping the upcoming “Jason Bourne” will serve as a glorious rekindling of the ‘Bourne’ franchise after the stumble of “The Bourne Legacy,” think again.

In a new interview with EW, star Matt Damon says the upcoming Paul Greengrass-directed film won’t serve as refresh so much as a footnote to the first three films – effectively ending Jason Bourne’s story. Speaking about his character’s arc for the new film, Damon says:

“He’s living with the same things as he was before, and then he goes to find Julia Stiles’ character, who basically says, ‘Just because you remember everything, doesn’t mean you know everything.’ So you find him in a place that’s dark and unresolved.

This is the completion of this journey that started in the Bourne Identity. It’s part of the first three [movies], it’s not a whole new chapter. It feels like the conclusion, even though we’re not saying it’s the conclusion, it feels like the conclusion of my identity journey. It goes deeper than Ultimatum, basically.

The new film shot partly in Greece, something which plays into the film’s themes. Damon discussed that as well as both Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones’ roles in the film:

“The last one was set in London, Madrid, and New York. And subconsciously, those places were places where there were terrorist attacks. This movie opens with an austerity riot in Athens, and that’s very much by design. It feels current with what’s going in our world. You’re always creating an alternate reality with Bourne, but you want to feel like it’s our world.”

You have to do something great and new, and Alicia is our great and new. She plays a new character we’re introducing, and she’s a specialist in cyber. Instead of just the three arenas of warfare – air, land and sea – there’s now this fourth element: cyber. The implications of that are huge, and she’s representing that in the movie.

We also have Tommy Lee Jones in the movie, and he’s kind of representing the analog CIA in the way the old guard thinks. Those two go head to head quite a bit. Introducing those two new characters, I think, is probably one of the biggest trailblazing things we’ve done in this movie.”

“Jason Bourne” is slated to open July 29th.