Jason Blum Talks “Whiplash,” “Area 51”

With “Insidious Chapter 2” scheduled to hit soon, producer Jason Blum has been in the press a bit this week and touched upon a couple of topics.

Blum’s Blumhouse Productions is coming off recent success stories like “The Purge,” “Sinister,” “Dark Skies” and the “Paranormal Activity” franchise. The company has become known for churning out films at an extremely rapid pace.

One film that has bucked the trend though is the original “Paranormal Activity” director Oren Peli’s “Area 51” which has seemed to be stuck in development hell for some time now after being announced a good few years ago.

At last report, the project was a found footage film involving three teen boys snooping around the famed Nevada military base Area 51. Blum explains the delay to We Got This Covered:

“It exists! We made it! we’re futzing with the movie in post production. Paranormal Activity, remember, it was made about four years before it came out, so Oren likes to tinker, and he’s still tinkering, but hopefully one day we’ll both see the finished version!”

Blum also tells Screen Rant that the next film the company is scheduled to go into production on is “Whiplash” which begins filming in September. J.K. Simmons, Miles Teller and Paul Reiser star in the music teacher and student-centric drama.

After that, he tells STYD that Scott Derrickson will return for a “Sinister” sequel, but even he isn’t sure in what capacity yet:

“Well, he’s writing it and he’s gonna come back in some capacity. He’s definitely gonna produce it and whether or not he directs it or not, I don’t know.”

There’s also another 2-3 movies that have yet to be announced that they intend to get filming underway on before year’s end.