Jason Blum Talks “Area 51” Status

After “Paranormal Activity” came out, many have been wondering what director Oren Peli’s next found-footage directing effort would be. Then came word it would be the sci-fi “Area 51” which gives us a spin on the Roswell story.

Many, including myself, thought the film had already been shot late 2009, early last year and has been sitting around for a while. Turns out that’s not the case.

Producer Jason Blum tells STYD that there’s been all sorts of reshoots and there’s still no release date set. “We anticipate the movie will be mostly done in three or four months. Like Paranormal Activity, we went back like fifty times for additional photography. The great thing about doing extra shooting for inexpensive movies is that the cost is low, so we screen and shoot and screen and shoot.”

Blum says the film could come out this year but isn’t sure. His and Peli’s commitments to the ‘Paranormal’ franchise have often dragged them away from working on “Area 51”.