Jared Leto Sought For “TRON” Reboot

Jared Leto is reportedly circling a reboot of the “TRON” franchise at Disney Pictures.

Leto is circling the project, and if he signs on, he would also produce alongside Emma Ludbrook and “TRON: Legacy” co-producer Justin Springer. No screenwriter or director is currently involved, but the existing script for the third film in the series – “TRON: Ascension” – is to be used as a starting point.

Leto would play a character named Ares, who has not appeared on screen before but is a key player in that script. It’s unknown if Kosinski or any actors from “TRON: Legacy” like Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen or Jeff Bridges would return for the reboot.

The news comes just days after “TRON: Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski offered comments about how the proposed “TRON: Ascension” was in ‘cryogenic freeze’ as Disney was overstuffed with genre tentpole features from Marvel and Lucasfilm.

His take was described as an invasion movie that would take place in both the real world and The Grid.

Source: Heat Vision