Japan Disaster Alters “Avatar 2” Plans

As previously reported, James Cameron’s proposed sequel to “Avatar” is set to explore the oceans of Pandora.

To do that, Cameron had planned to travel to the deepest known part of the world, the Marianas Trench, and research the lifeforms there to help him design Pandora’s oceans and ecology. In fact the custom-build submersible that was being designed to take him is already half-built.

Now, Coming Attractions reports that after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan on March 11th, the entire region is expected to continue to experience aftershocks for years to come.

It’s dangerous enough that apparently it has gone past the point of liability coverage for Cameron and the other divers, ergo they simply can’t be insured for what was already an extremely risky proposition in the first place. Cameron will now have to select another location for his dive.