Janney, Hahn Enjoy Bateman’s “Bad Words”

Allison Janney, Kathryn Hahn, Ben Falcone, Philip Baker Hall and Rohan Chandz have joined the cast of Jason Bateman’s darkly comedic directorial debut “Bad Words”.

Bateman plays a 41-year-old high school drop out who discovers a loophole that allows him to enter The National Quill Spelling Bee.

His entry draws vehement protest and outrage of parents and the organization’s director, and he quickly advances to the nationals where he meets an awkward young boy who is unfazed by the man’s brash and ill-mannered ways.

As the competition progresses, the pair begin to form an unlikely friendship. With a long list of detractors threaten to derail his change of winning, Guy must find a way to stay focused on his true mission.

Darko Entertainment, Aggregate Films and MXN Entertainment are producing and shooting kicks off this week.