Janet Jackson Joins Tyler Perry’s Next?

In a case of bad timing, word came last night that Janet Jackson will reprise her role in Tyler Perry’s comedy sequel “Why Did I Get Married Too” from Variety.

In the original the actress played Patricia, a successful author and psychologist who prefers to analyze other’s relationship problems rather than deal with her own marriage.

The original film followed a group of college friends who go on vacation and start questioning their relationships when one couple’s infidelity is discovered.

The passing of her brother Michael yesterday however, news first announced right after this story originally broke, will likely impact Jackson’s involvement. Jackson is flying to Los Angeles from a shoot in London to grieve with her family according to her management.

As a result of this tragedy, Jackson’s involvement in any future projects in the near future seems highly uncertain now. Perry’s films tend to go into production and shoot quickly with this one already set for an April 2nd release next year.

This would mean a late Summer shoot, possibly too soon. Aside from this announcement, Perry himself is the only one cast in the project at present.