Jane Talks Country 3D Effects

While animated and big budget family films are beginning to utilize stereoscopic 3D more and more, one indie film noir thriller from next year plans to try something new with the tech says MarketSaw.

Thomas Jane both stars in and directs Sony’s “The Dark Country” which involves a newly married couple coming across a dying victim in the middle of the road in the desert.

What makes this different is the use of ‘articulate matte’ in which “he cuts the movie frame down intentionally for the whole movie and uses the extra black space surrounding the picture to augment certain 3D effects allowing them extend even further.”

He’s also using “4K RED ONE cameras in stereo configuration as well as tiny cigarette pack sized 3D cameras that were used for intricate scenes involving 360 degree wrap around shots and extreme angles.”

Lauren German and Ron Perlman co-star in the project due for release sometime next year.