Jane Seymour Open To “Dr. Quinn” Reboot

Jane Seymour Open To Dr Quinn Reboot

Actress Jane Seymour says she is open to the possibility of a reboot of iconic 1990s series “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”. Seymour starred as the 1867 American frontier doctor on the popular CBS series which ran from 1993 to 1998.

With so many 1990s small screen properties scoring revivals in recent years, journalist Audie Cornish asked Seymour about the possibility of “Dr. Quinn” returning during a Buzzfeed News video interview this week. She replied that those involved in the show would love to do it – but the decision is up to the network:

“We wish!…They have brought back absolutely everything, I have no idea why they wouldn’t bring this back…people all over the world, all cultures, love Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman…It’s so relevant to today, it could not be more relevant because it was all about people, the immigration into America.

The fans literally pleaded with Les Moonves and did everything they could to get him to put Dr. Quinn back on and he resolutely said no. My hope is that somebody somewhere at CBS will say hey let another studio do it!…It’s such a good show.”

Seymour spoofed herself in the role this week, playing her as a medical marijuana purveyor on a skit for “The Jimmy Kimmel Show”. You can see some of Seymour’s comments to Cornish in the video interview below:

Source: Deadline