Jane Lynch Talks Chris Guest’s “Mascots”

While Adam Sandler’s western comedy “The Ridiculous 6” was pretty obviously going to be a dud from the start, Netflix’s next foray into the original comedy feature arena boasts more promise – Christopher Guest’s “Mascots”.

The “Best in Show” and “Waiting for Guffman” helmer has enlisted the help of various regulars from his past films for his new mockumentary which involves a mascot competition. One of those regulars is none other than “Glee” regular Jane Lynch who spoke with EW this week about her role in the project.

According to Lynch, she’ll be playing a former mascot-turned-judge named Gabby Monkhouse who was forced to give up being a mascot in the wake of a tragic splits-related incident which left her with asymmetrical legs:

“She had a devastating injury, she held the splits way too long and ripped a muscle in her groin and now she has one leg that’s two and a half inches longer than the other one. So she’s a judge at the competition – this all culminates into a competition at the end where the mascots do routines. It’s like their Olympics, so it’s a real big deal. And Gabby is a little resentful that she’s no longer in the spotlight that way, so she has done her best to stay in the spotlight.

She’s written a book called A-Moose-ing Grace – because she was a moose – and she sells that book everywhere she goes, she’s always talking about it and dropping the fact that she has written a memoir and it’s called A-Moose-ing Grace: An Ex-Mascot’s Guide to God and Success in Real Estate. And yes, I made it up myself [laughs]. One of my crowning creative achievements.”

Parker Posey, Bob Balaban, and Jennifer Coolidge also return for the project which Lynch says was a “dream to do… everybody was flyin’ high and happy and it was so great to be back together again.” The film is scheduled to premiere sometime next year.