Jamie Bamber Raises My Pulse

“Battlestar Galactica” star Jamie Bamber will topline the two sequels to the Kristen Bell thriller “Pulse” reports Moviehole.

Entitled “Pulse: Afterlife” and “Pulse: Invasion,” writer/director Joel Soisson reportedly hadn’t even seen any ‘Galactica’ episodes when he cast Bamber.

In the films, Bamber plays Stephen, an account exec for a large sales firm who is recently divorced due to cheating on his spouse. In the post phantom world, he hides out up in his mountain lodge, behind an armored wall of sentries.

He finds his child, thankfully still alive, and must protect her from the phantom of ex-wife Michelle (as well as from the jealous and possessive fling subject, Marta).

Both films will be going direct to DVD.