James Wan Talks “Aquaman” & “League” Tie-in

One of the more exciting hires by Warner Bros. Pictures for its DC Extended Universe is that of filmmaker James Wan to direct the standalone “Aquaman” film starring Jason Momoa as the titular King of Atlantis.

In a new interview with MTV News, Wan opened up a bit about how the character will fit into the larger “Justice League” plans and how his pitch got the studio’s attention:

“A big part of it was me telling them what potential I saw in this character. As we all know, Aquaman is somewhat the butt of the joke in the superhero world. There’s something cool about that. I love the idea of being the underdog, coming in with a take on this underdog character and completely blow people’s expectations away. Like, ‘Oh, you thought he was going to be a wimpy character? No no no.’ It’s going to be so cool.

There’s Justice League that happens before it, so I have to be respectful to that but in a lot of ways… it’s a continuation but there are origin elements as well – and that’s the story that I’m excited to tell.”

Speaking of “Justice League,” attendees at CinemaCon this year got a recorded message from the set of the movie which just began filming last week. The video featured Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, and Henry Cavill, confirming that all five actors were there in the UK shooting scenes for the production. Momoa also posted an Instagram workout video suggesting the ‘Watchtower’ might come into play in the film.