James Talks “Blade Runner 2049” Secrecy

Secretive movie sets are fairly common these days, and high security on the much anticipated sci-fi sequel “Blade Runner 2049” seems hardly a surprise.

So far we’ve seen a few photos and a very vague teaser trailer that raises more questions than it answers. While we wait for the next trailer, one of the film’s actors and “The Walking Dead” regular Lennie James explained to NewsWeek how secretive the production really was:

“They offered me the job. It came out of the blue and I said, ‘I need to read the script.’ They sent me 20 pages before my character arrived and 20 pages after my character was gone. It was on an app thing that I could only open on one device. I couldn’t take a screenshot, I couldn’t take a photograph, I couldn’t save it. They said, ‘You’ve got 36 hours.’ I had 36 hours with it and then it was gone. Then I had to make a decision to do it. When I did [decide to do it], they sent me the whole script.”

He signed on then took place in the film shoot in Budapest, Hungary last year. No photos or footage leaked from the set at all beyond an approved Omaze video. That was due to the intense security on the set, James explaining how that worked:

“This has never happened to me before… our [script] sides on the day, you had to sign them out, and they’d give you your sides with your words for that day, and then you had to sign them back in. And they wouldn’t let you get in your car to go home until you’d given your sides back. It was frantic. When I finished on the gig, I thought I’d sit down with the script and take it all in. No. Nine hours after wrap that script vanished from my iPad.”

“Blade Runner 2049” premieres October 6th with the next trailer likely to debut late Spring/early Summer.