James Mangold Oversaw “Showman” Reshoots

“Logan” director James Mangold came to the aid of friend Hugh Jackman with a report in Variety today indicating Mangold helped oversee a week of reshoots and helped in the editing room on the lavish movie musical “The Greatest Showman” at 20th Century Fox.

The studio was reportedly concerned debut director Michael Gracey was overwhelmed with the scope of the picture and reportedly struggled to adjust to the pressure of calling the shots on an $84 million film.

When a veteran’s assistance with the post-production process was deemed necessary, Mangold got involved and helped out – ultimately scoring an executive producer credit and a good salary for his contributions.

Mangold’s involvement however, though extensive, was advisory with Gracey still directing principal photography and the reshoots, and being in the editing bay throughout the post-production. The film’s testing reportedly improved after reshoots were incorporated.

“The Greatest Showman” is now open in cinemas.

Source: Variety