James Mangold Doesn’t Like Credits Stingers

They may not have invented them, but Marvel Studios has certainly become synonymous for ‘credits stingers’ – the extra scenes attached within or after the end credits of its films.

Sometimes these are standalone scenes with a joke context, sometimes its a scene setting up a potential sequel to the film its attached to, but one thing unique to the Marvel films have been stingers setting up films in other franchises.

One person who is not a fan of them though is “Logan” filmmaker James Mangold. Appearing at Audi’s 2018 Writers Guild Association Beyond Words Panel in Los Angeles, Cinema Blend reports that Mangold went off on those sequences and labelled them an ’embarrassing’ aspect of modern filmmaking:

“The idea of making a movie that would f–king embarrass me, that’s part of the anaesthetizing of this country or the world. That’s further confirming what they already know and tying in with other f–king products and selling them the next movie while you’re making this movie, and kind of all that s–t that I find really f–king embarrassing.

Like, that audiences are actually asking for scenes in end credits when those scenes were first developed for movies that suck, so they put something extra at the end to pick up the scores when the movie couldn’t end right on its own f–king feet.

“Now we’ve actually gotten audiences addicted to a f–king bonus in the credits. It’s f–king embarrassing. It means you couldn’t land your f–king movie is what it means. Even if you got 100,000 Twitter addicts who are gambling on what f–king scene is going to happen after the f–king credits it’s still cheating.

It’s just cheating, but there’s all sorts of bad habits like that that f–king horrify me, man, that have become de rigueur in the way we make movies and I think the fear of being one of them that did that end then everyone’s patting me on the back and I feel like s–t inside because I know I cheated, is probably the greatest thing that scares the s–t out of me.”

Mangold himself has previously participated in a post-credits scene – one at the end of his Fox & Marvel film “The Wolverine” which loosely tied into “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Mangold may have more words to say on this as in a month he’s up for Oscar consideration for the best adapted screenplay award for “Logan”.