James Gunn Talks Marvel’s Infinity Stones


One of the biggest scenes in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” is the one that many Marvel fans have been waiting for – the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally dealing with the topic of the Infinity Stones (or Infinity Gems in the comics).

Following on from his post-“Thor” sequel tease, the scene with The Collector (Benicio del Toro) finally sees an explanation of the nature of the six highly-coveted Infinity Stones. The scene confirms that the Tesseract from “The Avengers,” the Aether from “Thor: The Dark World” and the Orb in ‘Guardians’ are three of the stones. The other three are unknown but at least two of them are briefly glimpsed in holographic form in the scene.

That puts them well ahead of The Avengers themselves who are still much more in the dark about Thanos and his long-term plan. James Gunn talked with Hitfix about the scene:

“These are people that see a little bit more of the big picture because that’s where they are, I guess. On Earth, these other guys, The Avengers, they’re not quite tuned in to the bigger picture. They only see a little tiny piece of it. They’re holding the ear of the elephant in the dark room. The Collector is… he’s got all the lights on.”

Gunn was ecstatic that he got to help setup the lore of the Infinity Gems and discussed what role he played in the final results on screen:

“We talked early on about having Thanos in the movie, which, believe me I was excited to have Thanos in the movie because a) I love Thanos and b) I want people who have seen The Avengers to go see this because we’re connected to it. There was no fight from me having Thanos in the movie. But for me, I wrote a group of characters with the plot points I wanted to write and the stuff that’s connected to the rest of the Marvel universe was very exciting for me to be a part of. To just sit down and create what the Infinity Gems are, I got to sit down and add to the overall Marvel universe and build up the Marvel universe, because I got to create that. And that was very exciting to me.”

He also cleared up a debate about which stone is which. Kevin Feige previously confirmed the Tesseract is the Space Gem, and Gunn how now confirmed the stone in ‘Guardians’ is the Power Gem. It’s assumed the Aether is the ‘Reality’ gem and that the stone in Loki’s sceptre could be the ‘Mind’ gem which will potentially come into play in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. That leaves the ‘Time’ gem and ‘Soul’ gem still in play, one of which may well be worked into “Doctor Strange”.