James Gunn Denies “TRON 3” Rumors

Earlier this week came rumors that “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn might take on the helm of a third “TRON” movie.

The rumor started because the filmmaker posted a photo of a TRON light cycle that had “mysteriously shown up” in his offices on the Disney lot. At the same time, the TRON Facebook page was updated with a new photo of Flynn’s Arcade which was captioned “Welcome back.”

Gunn has now shot down those rumors on social media in an amusing way, saying:

“The other day I posted a photo of myself and my friend Jimmy Urine posing with the TRON cycle in our Guardians of the Galaxy boardroom. Increasingly over the past few days I have been getting more and more messages and tweets asking if I am involved in a TRON sequel, which exploded today after a few articles like the one below (which claims I talked about having once been involved with a TRON sequel on a FB live session… which never was, and never happened).

No, I am not doing a TRON movie. I was simply taking a photo with a cool prop. We also have a Rocketeer mask displayed in our offices; I am not doing a Rocketeer movie either. I once rode Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, and I am not doing a Cars sequel. And, so I don’t fail to mention it, in 2007 I attended a party where Pauly Shore was, and am also not attached to Encino Man 2. Have a wonderful evening, all.”

“TRON: Legacy” hit cinemas in 2010 and since then reports of a third one have floated around with the project veering between being on again and off again.

Source: Facebook