James Franco Walks Out On “Last Days”

Two weeks before production was scheduled to start, James Franco has pulled out of the film adaptation of Andre Dubus III’s contemporary thriller novel “Garden Of Last Days” at Millennium Entertainment.

As a result, the $3 million project has been shut down and won’t proceed. Franco committed to both direct and star in the project late April, with $500,000 already spent on pre-production costs.

Based on the book by Andre Dubus III, the story follows three interwoven and ultimately explosive stories – a stripper and single mother, a lonely man who gets thrown out of the strip club, and a rich foreigner on the brink of committing a terrifying act.

Hanna Weg adapted the script and was to produce along with Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Danielle Robinson, Vince Jolivette and Miles Levy.

Franco’s exit is said to be due to a disagreement with Millennium over the crew he wanted to hire. Franco wanted fresh but inexperienced crew, and Millennium wouldn’t approve his choices. The result is the classic “creative differences”.

Source: Deadline