James Franco To Helm “Garden of Last Days”

James Franco is set to both direct and play a key role in the contemporary thriller “The Garden of Last Days” for Millennium Films.

Hanna Weg (“Enigma”) is penning this adaptation of the novel by Andre Dubus III (“House Of Sand And Fog”), though the film will shift the action to present day New York rather than keep the 9/11 time setting of the book.

The story involves three interwoven story lines – a stripper forced to bring her three-year-old daughter to work; an angry, loner who gets thrown out of the club; and a foreigner with an endless supply of cash about to commit a terrifying act.

Weg, Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Danielle Robinson, Vince Jolivette and Miles Levy will produce.

Shooting begins July 8th in New York once Franco wraps his role in “Good People”. Franco is in Cannes this year with his adaptation of William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying”.

Source: Deadline