James Franco Slams “Shame” Sex Depiction

Amongst his various hobbies, James Franco occasionally pens film reviews and recently did a rave write-up of Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave” for Vice.

Amusingly though he also expressed his unhappiness with the melodramatic take on sex addiction that was depicted in McQueen’s last film “Shame”, essentially slamming the film for its prudishness and backwards attitude to sexuality:

“He wasn’t such an addict in my opinion, though. I mean, what did he do? Watch porn and screw a handful of people a week? I could point to quite a few folks who do that.

And that scene where he’s at his lowest point and wants to fuck and goes into a gay club, and it’s depicted like the seventh level of hell… I mean, it goes back to the horrible representations of gays in the 70s, where the gay club is meant to signify everything dark and depraved. Then the guy gets a minor blowjob, from, Oh no, a man! The horror!

Franco has been a long time advocate for gay rights, but also has become fairly experimental in recent years with on screen depictions of sexuality – co-directing “Interior. Leather Bar” which attempted to recreate deleted sexually explicit footage from the controversial 1980’s film “Cruising,” and producing a documentary about the BDSM website Kink.com.