James Franco Says “Three’s Company”

The increasingly unpredictable James Franco has ambitious plans for a new incarnation of late ’70s sitcom “Three’s Company”.

The original series revolved around three single roommates, one man (John Ritter) and two women, whose constant misunderstandings, social lives, and struggle to keep up with rent lead to various hijinks and bawdy humour.

At the Sundance Film Festival last month, Franco premiered an art installation entitled “Three’s Company: A Drama,” in which “the show’s first three episodes were given a dramatic movie makeover and then screened in a re-creation of the characters’ living room” says CNN.

After that premiered, Franco was contacted by the estate which owns the sitcom’s rights – “When we were accepted to Sundance, we didn’t have the series rights, but then the Three’s Company estate contacted us. At first they were opposed to it, but then they saw what we did (a startling dramatic take) and loved it. So they are now talking to us about developing a Three’s Company feature film and an off-Broadway play” Franco tells TV Guide.

Franco admits that it will be several years before the stage show gets off the ground, no word on the film production’s timetable.