James Frain To Play Key “Gotham” Villain

With Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Fish Mooney gone, a new brother-sister team will serve as the regular villains of the upcoming second season of FOX’s “Gotham”.

“The Tudors” and “True Blood” actor James Frain has come onboard to play Theo Galavan, a seemingly altruistic billionaire industrialist who seems like the savior Gotham has been waiting for.

Behind his smile though likes a centuries-old vendetta that he intends to carry out, a plan that will lead to the creation of new villains and the destruction of others. He’s also devoted to his sister Tabitha (yet to be cast) who will go on to become DC Comics super-villain Tigress.

This marks Frain’s third show currently on the air as he has recurring parts on the current season of “True Detective” and the recent season of “Orphan Black”.

Source: Deadline