James Ellroy Talks “Laura” Remake

American crime fiction author James Ellroy recently sat down with Empire Online to discuss one of his upcoming projects – a film remake of Otto Preminger’s classic 1944 noir “Laura” for 20th Century Fox.

The original follows police detective Mark McPherson who is investigating the murder of successful female advertising executive Laura Hunt who was killed by a shotgun blast to the face in her apartment.

Thanks to testimony from witnesses and the reading of her correspondence, McPherson begins to become obsessed with the dead woman… who may not be as dead as he thinks.

Ellroy confirms that the remake will change the film’s setting from New York City to London: “I’m going to set it in London. I’m staying here in London for a while, and I want to do a Scotland Yard movie. I’m going to set it today.”

Talking about the original, Ellroy says: “I’ve seen the film, I love the construction. the lonely hearted police detective, the dead woman with her face blown off, shotgunned in the front room of her apartment, the portrait of the dead woman, the policeman falls in love with the portrait – and that’s all I need. There you go. That’s a movie.”

Ellroy is also working with filmmaker on a TV project set in 1950s Los Angeles. Ellroy says he’s already penned the script, Fincher is signed, and the project is currently going by the name “Shakedown”.