James Cox Exposes The “Billionaire Boys Club”

James Cox (“Wonderland”) has signed on to direct the indie crime thriller “Billionaire Boys Club” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The project is based on the true 80’s-era story of a group of wealthy young Harvard-Westlake graduates who schemed to use investor money to support their lavish lifestyles. When funds ran dry in 1984, founding member Joe Hunt fell back on extortion, kidnapping and ultimately murder.

Cox’s script, which he thoroughly researched and co-wrote with his brother, will focus on a character created from a composite of several BBC members. That character falls under Hunt’s influence and starts committing deceptions that evolve into outright fraud. He must ultimately decide where he wants his life to go.

Holly Wiersma is producing and shooting on the sub-$15 million project kicks off later this Summer.