James Cameron Hates Netflix Release Strategy

Netflix’s entire business strategy has always been about disrupting release windows, to the point of now offering global day-and-date releases of films and TV series on its service.

The strategy has been decried as a nail in the coffin of theatrical exhibition with some cinephiles believing that wide adoption of such a strategy will directly impact cinemagoing.

Now, filmmaker James Cameron has weighed in on the debate and unsurprisingly revealed he’s no fan of streaming taking away the opportunity of the moviegoing experience. He tells the Telegraph (via Toronto Sun):

“I’m not into it – I think it’s a stupid idea. The sanctity of the theatre-going experience is something I never really want to see go away. I actually don’t think it will go away, but people shouldn’t be denied the option of seeing a film on the big screen.”

National cinema chains are avoiding Netflix films like the plague, believing the service cuts into their business. They’ve been far warmer to Amazon which has stuck with the more traditional theatrical window approach.