James Caan Storms Off Nailed

James Caan has left the political comedy “Nailed” after a dispute with director David O. Russell (“Three Kings,” “I Heart Huckabees”) led him to storm off the set says The Hollywood Reporter.

“Nailed” stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, James Marsden, Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan and Olivia Crocicchia in the tale of a woman who gets a nail lodged in her head and travels to Washington to fight for better health care.

Caan had two days of shooting the role of a US Speaker of the House who chokes to death on a cookie. Russell asked him to cough as he choked, but Caan argued that the character couldn’t cough and choke to death at the same time.

Russell suggested that they shoot it both ways, but the actor expressed distrust that his version would be considered and left the South Carolina set.

A spokesman for Caan says there were creative differences and the departure was amicable. Shooting, which began last week, continues with Caan’s part being recast.

Producer Douglas Wick claims that Russell, famous for disputes with his actors like George Clooney and Lily Tomlin, has behaved professionally throughout the shoot.