James Bond Upsets Chilean Mayor

These days you’d think everyone was used to the idea that filming locations stand in for other countries all the time. Not so it seems.

Carlos Lopez, the mayor of a remote northern Chilean town, drove onto the film set of the latest James Bond feature “Quantum of Solace” and interrupted filming reports Reuters.

Literally coming between the cameras and star Daniel Craig, Lopez “caused public disorder and was detained” said a police official.

The reason for his outburst? Anger at what he said was “an excessive police presence” in the small town during the filming, but more notably that Chile was being used to represent neighboring Bolivia.

Lopez tells the outlet that having special forces and water cannon in town brought chilling reminders of the worst of Augustus Pinochet’s dictatorial rule during the 70’s and 80’s.

He also claims that by representing Bolivia in the film, it will be used by politicos to “make unjustified claims”. The region has been in dispute for over a century after the more prosperous Chile annexed the region, leading to a long-held grudge between the countries.

Production continues in Chile at present, having moved there from Panama which had no such problems standing in for Bolivia or claims of Noriega-esque reminders, though there were some notable security issues.