James Bond Gets Blotto On Belvedere

Polish spirits brand Belvedere Vodka will be the booze of choice for Daniel Craig’s James Bond in the currently shooting next film in the 007 franchise “Spectre”.

The inclusion marks one of the first pieces of product placement announced for the project, a series which is famous for its incorporation of brand names. Belvedere joins returning 007 regular Aston Martin which will have its new DB10 model car playing a major part in the action.

Vodka brands Smirnoff and Finlandia had previously been featured in the 007 series. Belvedere will back the film with a considerable marketing campaign that’s both its largest ever for a film, and most expensive global effort to date to promote its vodka.

Limited edition vodka is also being made as part of the promotion. A limited number of bottles will see MI6 headquarters replacing the brand’s iconic palace icon on the label. There will also be ‘007 Silver Saber’ vodka which comes in a metal tube that sports light-up LEDs.

Source: Variety