James Bond Gets A Broadway Musical?

Are you ready for the Solid Goldfinger Dancers?

A week ago, Playbill announced that Placeholder Productions has reportedly acquired the rights for a spy-centric stage production based on Ian Fleming’s super spy character.

Currently going by the not so subtle title of “James Bond: The Musical,” the project is being executive produced by Merry Saltzman, daughter of legendary Bond film producer Harry Saltzman.

Dave Clarke (“Keeping Hannah Waiting”) is said to be handling the show’s book, while country composer Jay Henry Weisz will pen the music and lyrics. The project is said to have an original storyline, one that uses several pre-existing Bond villains along with some new ones, and its very own Bond girl.

The aim would be to get the show out late 2017-early 2018 either on Broadway or in Las Vegas. No casting has yet been announced.

That story first hit last week, since then however several Bond fansites have been asking questions about the project’s chances of actually coming to fruition due to the complicated rights issues and the fact there’s zero mention of Bond film series producer Barbara Broccoli whose approval would be required.

More as it develops.