Jake & Walken Out, Garner & Pegg In?

Two wild casting rumours emerged over the weekend, just as two of last week’s bigger ones got shot down.

First up, both “Hot Fuzz” star Simon Pegg and recent Oscar nominee Jackie Earle Haley are the latest rumoured for Rorscach in the adaptation of “Watchmen”.

Former direct competitor to this site, Trekweb, has picked up a tabloid rumour that former “Alias” star Jennifer Garner will be reteaming with J.J. Abrams on the upcoming “Star Trek” film. Her role? the love interest of the emotionless vulcan Mr. Spock. Filming begins in October.

Nikki Six has denied talk that Christopher Walken will be in the Motley Crue biopic, claiming roles including that of Ozzy Osbourne will be going to unknown actors.

Finally, “There’s no casting list. If there were a list, Gyllenhaal’s name would probably be on it, but trust me: there is no list” said scribe John August about recent talk that Jake Gyllenhaal will be cast in the upcoming “Shazam” film.