Jai Courtney Joins “Wet Hot American Summer”

Aussie hunk Jai Courtney (“Divergent,” “Terminator Genisys”) has been cast in “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later,” Netflix’s sequel to the limited series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” which was based on the cult 2001 movie.

At the end of ‘First Day,’ Bradley Cooper’s character proposes the idea that a decade from that point, the characters would come together again to see what kind of people they have blossomed into.

Courtney will play Garth MacArthur, a suave and popular indie film actor recognized wherever he goes. He’s also madly in love with Susie (Poehler) and wishes she would agree to take their relationship beyond ‘friends with benefits.’ He joins her on the trip back to Camp Firewood.

Also onboard now are Same Levine who finally gets to play perpetually filthy radio host Arty in person, and Marlo Thomas who plays a woman with a mysterious connection to the past history of the camp.

The new season is expected to premiere on the streaming service sometime next year.

Source: Deadline