Jai Courtney Is McClane Jr. In Fifth “Die Hard”

Australian actor Jai Courtney (“Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” “One Shot”) has been officially announced to play John (Jack) McClane, Jr., the estranged son of Bruce Willis’ iconic action hero John McClane, in the upcoming “A Good Day to Die Hard” at 20th Century Fox.

Courtney scored the role after a global casting search of several months, beating out the likes of Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”), Ben Foster (“30 Days of Night”), Paul Dano (“There Will Be Blood”), Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes”) and Paul Walker (“Fast Five”). Fox has also released a photo taken from Courtney’s screen test.

The story takes John McClane to Moscow where his son is caught up in trouble. According to the press release, the son is “an apple that has not fallen far from the tree, Jack may even be more of a hardass than his father. Despite their differences, they must work together to keep each other alive – and the world safe for democracy.”

John Moore (“Flight of the Phoenix,” “Behind Enemy Lines”) directs the project and shooting kicks off in April with a February 14th 2013 release scheduled.