Jai Courtney Happy To Play More Boomerang

Warners hoped it had a hit with “Suicide Squad” before it was released, so much so that talk of a sequel was already flying before the film hit cinemas. The critics were decidedly underwhelmed, but the box-office was very good – so much so that a sequel seems a likely possibility.

In a new interview with We Got This Covered, actor Jai Courtney says he hasn’t heard anything about a follow-up but does say that whatever happens he’s keen to play Captain Boomerang again:

“Listen, they keep their cards very close to their chest. I actually have no idea [about a sequel], I pray the answer is yes. I certainly don’t feel like I’m done with that character. I had a lot of fun playing him, and I don’t feel like anyone is done with that franchise, certainly not yet. So, I hope so, sooner or later. The studio is very busy at the moment, director David Ayer is directing something else at the moment, but I’m sure they have plans, just none that they’ve shared with me.”

Warners is moving forward with a film involving various female DC characters including Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.