Jacobi Not Fond Of Amateurs

Derek Jacobi has revealed details to UK Teletext and some casting for his next film “A Bunch Of Amateurs.”

The veteran actor says “It’s about an am-dram company in a village and an ageing Hollywood star, who’s on the rocks, gets a call saying he’s got an offer to play King Lear in England. He thinks it’s the RSC but it turns out it’s with this am-dram company.”

He adds “They’ve got Burt Reynolds to play the Hollywood star, and I’m playing the local solicitor who thinks he’s god’s gift to Shakespeare, and is terribly upset that he’s understudying Lear. I think Imelda’s (Staunton) in it it too. I hope it happens because it’s a wonderful English idea and would be lovely to do.”

Production now depends on financing, he says “They haven’t quite got all the money but I’m quietly confident they will, and should know by Christmas to begin filming in January, February.”