Jackson Talks “The Lovely Bones”

Peter Jackson’s supernatural drama “The Lovely Bones” hits this Christmas and today the director spoke with USA Today about the film and gave them the first official photo.

Seeing as the book and film deal with a child murder, will it be dark? “I never found the book to be bleak. At times the story was shocking, and always it was told with unflinching honesty – and to some degree that’s what we’ve tried to do with the movie” says the filmmaker.

Jackson freely admits that “There are changes, definitely” but hopes fans of the book “will take delight in some of the twists and turns that we’ve made, while still feeling that we’ve stayed true to Susie and her story.”

The book’s much-debated depiction of the dead girl’s ‘personal heaven’ could prove controversial, but Jackson says “we certainly have no intention of using this movie to paint a definitive picture of what Heaven is like, and who resides there…it is quite like the world of dream, using the magic of metaphor to convey Susie’s psychological and emotional life”. A glimpse of that heaven can be seen in a photo just posted on Empire Online

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